From Anime Enthusiast to Cosplay Artisan: A Journey of Passion

From Anime Enthusiast to Cosplay Artisan: A Journey of Passion

Introduction: Since my childhood, I have held a deep love for anime. It was in 2013 that I first stumbled upon the world of cosplay, and back then, it wasn't as accessible as it is today. If you wanted a cosplay costume, there weren't countless stores offering them. To save money, I began learning the art of makeup and crafting my own costumes. Cosplay wasn't as mainstream as it is now, and some people didn't quite understand my fascination. However, I was fortunate to find like-minded friends who shared my passion. Together, we attended conventions and cosplayed as our favorite characters.

The Journey of Self-Discovery: My love for these characters led me to explore the intricacies of their costumes and materials in the world of anime. Gradually, I realized that there were many others who needed assistance with their costumes, but perhaps weren't as skilled in crafting. Everyone has different talents, and I decided to help them bring their favorite characters to life. I distinctly remember my first customer, although I can't recall which character's costume I sewed for her. What I do remember is the satisfaction on her face and her generous praise when she received the costume.

Embarking on a New Path: As time passed, my passion led me into a new career. Through word of mouth, more and more people sought my services. Last year, I took a significant step in my journey by quitting my job and fully immersing myself in this industry. It's now the career I adore, doing what I love the most.


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